Marketing can include anything from a series of carefully crafted press releases or regular news posts on your
website, to a social media marketing campaign or media buying services.

We also use direct marketing to inform your customers of promotional offers, create calls to action to generate
leads, and follow-up communications to increase brand reputation. This can include traditional print media, or e-
shots and e-newsletters.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great marketing tool because they enhance brand credibility and offer great value for money
in terms of Advertising Value Equivalent. That’s right, one press release can generate thousands of pounds worth
of coverage.

Our experience in the media industry allows us to spot a news story a mile away. Many clients don’t think they’ve
got anything worth mentioning, but that’s never the case. Whether it’s a company milestone, celebrating a record-
breaking month of sales, raising money for charity, celebrating the achievements of an employee, commenting on a
topic, or expanding the business – there’s always something to shout about.

Our team of journalists will speak to clients, customers and volunteers to find the story and gather quotes, before sending the press release out to our extensive contacts. It takes a journalist to know what makes a good news story worth sharing, and what information reporters want.

It’s also worth noting that we don’t use paid-for media contact databases. We create our own
bespoke list for each client based on their industry and who they want to target. You’ll often find that many
databases from media monitoring services are severely out of date, which is why we prefer to create our own.

Copywriting services

Storytelling is the best marketing, and we know how to tell a good story. Aside from press releases and online
news posts, we also provide a range of copywriting services, including case studies. Case studies are a fantastic
marketing tool because they are the little success stories that prove your product works. At the end of the day,
your business is there to solve a problem and case studies help you show the world that your business is the


We encourage all our clients to create an opt-in database for email marketing, based on GDPR guidelines. We can
help you do this and advise on how best to keep a record of the people who have opted in to receive marketing
communications from you. All our databases adhere to GDPR guidelines and we will advise you on the frequency
of any communications, for example if you are offering customers a discount.

PR & Marketing

  • Press releases
  • Copywriting
  • Proof reading
  • E-newsletters

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