How to hire a website design company – here’s what to expect


website design company

With so many options out there, how do you choose the right website design company for your business? It’s an important decision, and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Start by putting together a clear project brief, and decide if you need a new website, or if you’re just looking to update your current one. It may be that a … Read More

What will be the biggest social media trends for 2020?


social media trends for 2020

It’s our job as marketers to always have our finger on the pulse, and we’re predicting the following social media trends for 2020. Influencer marketing Asking or paying people with a large following and influence on social media can drive brand awareness and credibility. Much like word of mouth recommendations, this form of advertising can deliver what marketers refer to … Read More

How to measure Facebook ad success


It can be easy to spend a lot of cash on ineffective Facebook ads, so it’s important to know how to measure Facebook ad success. There are some key metrics you can look at first of all to check how well your campaign is doing and determine whether or not to pull the plug. Depending on what objective you selected, … Read More

How to run Instagram and Facebook retargeting ads



One of the main mistakes people make with their Facebook advertising is not using Facebook retargeting ads to re-engage potential customers. Sure, you can create personas which represent your customers in order to create a starting audience, but Facebook allows you to do so much more than that. Once you’ve tested ads with a few different audiences through guesswork based … Read More

Staffordshire digital marketing agency PSMedia appoints new boss


Digital marketing agency PSMedia looks to future with new boss

Staffordshire digital marketing agency PSMedia is preparing for further growth after appointing a new managing director. The agency, based in Trentham, Stoke-On-Trent, has undergone a management buyout and David Mellenchip has taken over as the new owner and MD of the business. The purchase of the business included luxury lifestyle magazine Staffordshire Living Including Shropshire, along with full-service marketing agency … Read More

How to report a Facebook advert – a saga


How to report a Facebook advert - a saga

There may be occasions when you need to report a Facebook advert, for example, if you have seen a sponsored post which is misleading or inappropriate. We recently experienced how hard it is to hold digital fraudsters to account when we needed to report a Facebook advert after one of our clients fell victim to hackers. A client asked us … Read More

Is social media advertising effective? We let our clients answer


Is social media advertising effective?

Is social media advertising effective? Digital marketers get asked this question all the time and to answer it, first we’re going to touch upon another: ‘what is social media advertising?’ A lot of our clients have no experience with digital marketing and have never ‘boosted a post’ before or promoted a tweet. As we discussed in our previous blog post … Read More

How can digital marketing help your business?


How can digital marketing help your business

You know it’s important, you know your competitors are doing it – but how can digital marketing help your business? Digital marketing has evolved into a more cost-effective way of spending your advertising budget than traditional advertising. This is because you can directly track your return on your digital marketing ad spend, whereas it’s difficult to say exactly how many … Read More

PSMedia is a creative marketing agency based in the Midlands


creative marketing agency based in the Midlands

Are you looking for a creative marketing agency based in the Midlands to head your next campaign? PSMedia, based in Staffordshire, is a full-service agency – this means we can strategise your social media, add whimsy to your website, put creativity in your copy and beautify your branding. We’re a trusted independent creative marketing agency in the Midlands and we … Read More